Glow Park

Glow Park in New Metro City, Mandi Bahauddin, offers entertainment with a gaming arcade, rides, and a variety of international food chains for a delightful experience.

Trafalgar Square

Explore Trafalgar Square in New Metro City, Mandi Bahauddin, featuring lion statues that add a touch of grace to this community square. A symbol of strength amidst the lively social atmosphere.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower serves as a practical focal point, keeping our community in sync with time and urban life.

24/7 Security

At New Metro City, Mandi Bahauddin, we prioritize your safety with 24/7 security, creating a secure haven for residents.

Fire Brigade

Our dedicated Fire Brigade is equipped to handle emergencies promptly, safeguarding our community with efficient and effective response measures.

NMC Healthcare Club

Our Healthcare Club is committed to community well-being. Offering quality healthcare services, we ensure residents have access to essential medical care for a healthier and happier community.


Education is a priority in New Metro City, Mandi Bahauddin. With schools right within the community, residents enjoy easy access to quality learning environments, fostering academic growth and community development.

Community Centre

Our Community Centre is the heart of social gatherings and events. A versatile space, it fosters community connections, making it the ideal hub for residents to come together and create lasting memories.

NMC Mart

NMC Mart is your one-stop destination for convenient shopping. With a diverse range of products, it caters to the needs of our community, offering quality and accessibility right within our vibrant housing society.