Posted on Mon January 2024 by New Metro City

New Metro City Kharian - Sarai Alamgir: Reaching New Heights with Eiffel Tower Project

Embarking on an exceptional endeavor, New Metro City Kharian - Sarai Alamgir proudly reveals the breathtaking Eiffel Tower Project. With Chinese contractors lending their expertise and raw materials sourced from China, this monumental achievement has reached new heights, culminating in its grand opening on Sunday, 7th January 2024.


A Symbolic Foundation

The Eiffel Tower project in New Metro City Kharian - Sarai Alamgir boasts a robust foundation measuring 80 by 80 feet, ensuring enduring stability. This solid base symbolizes our commitment to modernity and architectural excellence in the region.

Soaring to Impressive Heights

Upon completion, the tower will proudly stand at an astonishing height of 225 feet, dominating the skyline as a landmark visible for miles. This architectural marvel showcases the ambitious vision of New Metro City, a Project of BSM Developers.

A Lift to the Sky

An exciting feature of this project is the lift designed to carry visitors to the tower's summit. Accommodating 10-12 people at a time, the elevator promises a thrilling journey, revealing the breathtaking landscape of New Metro City during the ascent.

A Panoramic View of the Society

The Eiffel Tower project's highlight is undoubtedly the panoramic view it offers. As visitors ascend, they'll witness a captivating vista of New Metro City Kharian-Sarai Alamgir and its lush surroundings, etching a lasting memory of their visit.

Chinese Expertise and Sourced Materials

Chinese contractors lent their expertise to bring this vision to life, while essential raw materials were sourced from China. This collaboration has contributed to the international significance of the project, making it a remarkable achievement for New Metro City.


In conclusion, the Eiffel Tower project in New Metro City Kharian - Sarai Alamgir is more than a structure; it symbolizes progress, expertise, and a promising future. Rising into the sky, it stands as a testament to the extraordinary achievements possible through global cooperation. This iconic tower is set to become a must-visit destination, offering not just a magnificent view but also instilling a profound sense of pride in the entire community. Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable endeavor!