Posted on Sun April 2024 by New Metro City

A Successful Grand Pre-Launching of New Metro City Lahore with Booking Announcement

In a spectacle that set the stage for a transformative real estate venture, the grand pre-launch ceremony of New Metro City Lahore unfolded in a flurry of excitement and anticipation. Hosted by Pakistan’s beloved icons—comedian, television host, and actor, Ahmed Ali Butt, known for his multifaceted talents—and the versatile radio personality RJ Sophia Anjum, the event marked the dawn of a new era.

With luminaries such as CEO of BSM Developers, Bilal Bashir Malik, Chairman of BSM Developers, Farrukh Shahzad Malik, and Country Head of BSM Developers, Zaroon Masood in attendance, the atmosphere buzzed with promise and possibility. As the brains behind this ambitious project, they stood poised to revolutionize the landscape of Lahore and beyond.

The evening was punctuated by major revelations and insights into the vision behind NMC. CEO Bilal Bashir Malik took centre stage, articulating the project's ethos and revealing its ground-breaking features. Chairman Farrukh Shahzad Malik and Country Head Zaroon Masood echoed his sentiments, underscoring their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Promising to shake the entire country with their endeavour, the leadership team behind New Metro City left no doubt about their ambitions. Their passion and dedication were palpable as they outlined their plans to create a modern urban oasis that would redefine the standards of luxury living in Pakistan.

However, it wasn't just the esteemed guests and visionary leaders that stole the spotlight. The event's hosts, Ahmed Ali Butt and Sophia Anjum infused the proceedings with their trademark charm and wit, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

The buzz surrounding New Metro City reached a crescendo as the curtains closed on the grand pre-launch ceremony. With pre-launch booking now open for residential plots, eager investors wasted no time securing their stake in this ground-breaking development. The marketing campaign, touted as the largest ever witnessed in Pakistan, ensured that anticipation continued to build nationwide.

In retrospect, the grand pre-launch ceremony of New Metro City Lahore was a huge success. With BSM Developers at the helm and the unwavering support of Pakistan's brightest talents, the future of Lahore has never looked brighter.